KEW’s Three Wise Volunteers

KEW’s Three Wise Volunteers

Three fresh young undergraduates are working at KEW Consult in the hopes of gaining work experience and better insight of the work that awaits them when they complete their university degrees. As proud Pacific Islanders they want nothing more than to use all their skills and abilities to build an even stronger foundation for engineering, environmental and water standards in the Pacific. Our first volunteer Abraham is studying at Auckland University (Bachelors of Engineering), our second volunteer Torren is studying at USP Laucala Campus, Fiji (Bachelors of Science majoring in Environmental Science and Biology) and our last volunteer Branham is interested in pursuing a Law degree. KEW Consult is more than happy to help guide and mold these fine young men into becoming professionals in their chosen fields in the future.



  1. Kim

    Wow! Absolutely marvelous to hear how KEW Consult Ltd is willing to go the extra mile and help mold, educate and guide these 3 fine young men into sophisticated and successful professionals who will give back to the community and their beautiful country. Congratulations!

    • admin

      Thank you and Faafetai lava Kim.
      As a company that is determined to improve the quality of Engineering, Environmental and Water Standards in the Pacific; we know it is important to set these young adults on the right path towards a better future.

  2. Sally

    Malo KEW Consult! What a fantastic opportunity for them to learn about your line of work. It is also a priceless opportunity for them to learn about themselves and the importance of making informed and responsible decisions in life. No doubt this will positively impact their goals and career choices in the future.

    Go Three Wise Volunteers!

    • admin

      Faafetai lava Sally.
      thank you for your wonderful comment and yes we certainly hope that this has a positive impact on their lives and that they turn out to be the responsible young men we expect them to be.

    • KISA

      I certainly agree with you Sally.

      At the end of their internship I am sure that KEW will also gain from their contribution.

  3. Good one…character building is the first priority boys. Always put God first and then the rest will follow. Observe the other staff members with a willing attitude to learn like Kaisa and Postie.

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