KEW’s PWWA Secretariat Role Nearing Culmination

KEW’s PWWA Secretariat Role Nearing Culmination


In 2007 Pacific Water and Wastewater Association (PWWA) Board Members agreed on the appointment of KEW Consult Ltd staff to take on the role as PWWA Secretariat. KEW Consult Ltd Managing Director Latu whom has also had the role of Executive Director within PWWA, in conjunction with his dedicated team of staff throughout the last 8 years will be concluding their role as Secretariat by the end of this month with a sense of bitter sweetness.

KEW will continue being a part of PWWA as it is still devoted in its support to the Pacific region in meeting all water challenges. The delivery of quality water-related services that enhance the well-being of people throughout the region continues to be of great importance, the end goal being sustainable management in the water sector throughout the region.

This also extends in support to the growth and self-sustainability of PWWA. Thus, KEW steps aside in confidence with the appointment of Pitolau Lusia Sefo-Leau (former CEO of the Ministry of Revenue, Samoa) as the CEO for PWWA. KEW is currently working with Pitolau to ensure a smooth transfer during the continued work in collaboration with the appointed board members throughout the Pacific region. Misileti Masoe-Satuala (Development Officer) and Sadhana Sen (Communications Specialist) will be continuing as the contracted staff for PWWA and will update details of the new PWWA Secretariat Headquarters site once relocated.

KEW Consult Ltd aka PWWA Secretariat, as a proud family member takes a step back while continuing to be there to cheer on and support the cause of the PWWA.



  1. Fiona

    Malo lava Kew Consult for nurturing and sustaining the PWWA with thousands of voluntary hours over the years.
    Your incredible efforts are appreciated by the members and stakeholders.
    Thanks especially to Latu for his leadership.
    Fiona Mackenzie

    • admin

      Fa’afetai lava and likewise malo lava to you Fiona for your efforts throughout PWWA’s journey! We eagerly look forward to the continued growth and development of the association and are glad to still be involved :)

  2. Our heartfelt appreciation to Latu, Kisa and KEW Consult Team for the endless voluntary support in the last 9-10 years. May the Lord continue to bless your Team and will always call on your guidance and wisdom to continue the development and sustainability of PWWA.

    Faamanuia le Atua i galuega uma.

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