Te Mato Vai

Te Mato Vai – Stage 1

Government of the Cook Islands

Government of New Zealand

Peoples Republic of China


Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Project Period:

2013 – 2016

Project Description:

Te Mato Vai is the name given to one of the largest infrastructure projects in the history of the Cook Islands, a Cook Islands water partnership with the Government of New Zealand and the People’s Republic of China.

The project is the first time New Zealand and China have worked together to deliver a major development initiative in the Pacific. The goal of this unique and innovative partnership is to reliably deliver healthy potable (drinking) water to the boundary of all buildings connected to the existing water network in Rarotonga.

Te Mato Vai is a development milestone for the Cook Islands and will have significant national health, economic and environmental benefits.Te Mato Vai is a vital component of the Cook Islands National Sustainable Development Plan.

View more information on Te Mato Vai by visiting www.tematovai.com

 Project Services:

Project Management

Site and field Inspections

Inception Report

Hydraulic Model Development

Initial Model Phase

Data Logging

Development of a National Water Supply Standard

Detailed Design

Geotechnical and Survey Site Investigations

Contract Documentation Production

Design Report and Presentation





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