Solomon Island Water Governance Project

Solomon Island Water Governance Project

European Union / SOPAC


Honiara / Malaita, Solomon Islands

Funded By:

European Union

Project Period:

July 2006 – August 2007

Project Description:

European Union conducted a Pilot Project in the Pacific to develop Water Sector Plans and Policies to guide the operation and monitoring of the use of Water resource in the whole Pacific. The three countries that were included in this pilot project were Kiribati, Fiji and Solomon Islands. KEW was appointed to conduct the Solomon Islands Assessment and development of Water resource policy and drafting legislation to ensure sustainable development in the sector of water and wastewater in the country.

KEW conducted consultations in the country involving all the water sector stakeholders from resources to marine personnel, Solomon Islands Water Authority Board of Directors and responsible Ministers as well as staff.

Project Services:

Project Management, Assessment and review of all relevant legislations, Monitoring & Evaluation of Solomon Islands Water Authority performance. Development of Water Resource and Water Services Policies and Procedures. Draft Water Resource Bill, Community Liaison and conduct stakeholders training.

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