Septage, Sanitation and Construction

Septage, Sanitation and Construction



Tafaigata, Togitogiga and Vaiata

Funded By:


Project Period:

January 2009 – 2010

Project Description:

As part of the Water Sector Support Programme, there is a need to build facilities (the facilities) that receive and treat the sludge generated at the new wastewater treatment plant for Apia and the septage (septic tank material) pumped out of septic tanks on Upolu and Savaii as part of the septic tank maintenance programme.

The facilities will comprise:

Two sludge lagoons, and associated infrastructure at Tafaigata ;

Two sludge lagoons, and associated infrastructure at Togitogiga ;

Two sludge lagoons, and associated infrastructure at the Savaii Landfill Facility in Vaiata.

Project Services:

Design sludge and septage disposal facilities

Supervise construction of sludge lagoons, roads, plant beds, infiltration areas, and receiving structures

Assist with stakeholder consultations

Soil Sampling

Geotch Survey

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