Samoa Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Study

Samoa Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Study

Samoa Water Authority



Funded By:

European Union, 9th EDF

Project Period:

April – October 2004

Associated Firm:

Dorsch Consult Ltd

Project Description:

The primary objective of this study is to provide the government of Samoa with comprehensible information and justification to make an informed decision on the most appropriate options for delivering sustainable access to safe and affordable drinking water and basic sanitation services in rural areas.

The study includes an appraisal of water supply and sanitation in rural areas, an assessment of the problems of beneficiaries, an appraisal of the feasibility and sustainability of alternative options, an environmental Impact Assessment, preliminary designs for proposed technical options and cost estimates in demand zones for rural water supply, terms of reference for a final engineering design in first-phase area, recommendations and indicative investments programme.

Project Services:

Development of a Master plan

Analysis of available document

Investigate the status of the implementation of the Institutional Strengthening Project

Review the socio-economic status of the target population

Problem analysis

Define impacts on policy and regulatory framework

Establish community based Operation and Maintenance services

Ensure active involvement of target groups

Field investigations

Assess district managed water schemes

Assess potential water resources and supply alternatives

Assess environmental aspects

Preparation of inception, interim and final reports

Assess operation and maintenance status of RWSS projects

Discuss appropriate sanitation measures with stakeholders

Define essential studies/survey supplements

Define suitable technical options

Preliminary design and cost estimates

Prepare draft Terms of reference for final design

Assess institutional capacity of Samoa Water Authority and propose changes

Establishment of community based Operations and Maintenance services

Required Operations & Maintenance Training

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