Samoa Beverages EIA

Samoa Beverages EIA

Samoa Breweries Ltd


Vaitele-Tai, Upolu, Samoa

Funded By:

Samoa Breweries Ltd

Project Period:

June 2012 – October 2012

Project Description:

Prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment report (EIA) to fulfil the requirements of the Samoan Planning & Urban Management Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations (2006)

Primary objectives of the EIA process

· Seek and incorporate comments from relevant stakeholders, including Government Authorities,

who are likely to be affected by the Proposal;

· Identify and characterise the likely environmental (and social) impacts associated with the

construction and operation of the treated wastewater discharge system into the sea;

· Determine the nature and extent of the potential impacts; and

· Identify mitigation and management measures to minimise the potential impacts on the

environment and people.

Project Services:

EIA report conducted with following methodology –

Meeting with Client to gather information regarding proposed project

Review of plan/concept design of wastewater drainage outlet into the sea

Investigation of project site and potential impacts on the surrounding environment

Social survey

Stakeholder consultation

Report Included


Purpose of the Activity

Planning Context

Consultation Process

Alternative Approaches/Options

Scope and Description of Proposed Works

Description of the Wastewater Effluent and Discharge

Description of the Receiving Environment

Potential Environmental Impacts

Mitigation measures



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