Samoa Airport Authority assets management system

Samoa Airport Authority Assets Management System

Samoa Airport Authority



Funded By:
World Bank
Project Period:

2006 – 2007

Associated Firm:

SMEC (Australia)

Project Description:

The Samoa Airport Authority (SAA) Assets Management Project, that is part of the Transport and Infrastructure Sector Reform and Strengthening Services.  It is focused on assisting the Samoa Airport Authority to manage its assets, including introduction of an asset management system, and to investigate financial sustainability and airport management issues crucial to the Authority’s future performance.

The main tasks under this project include:

Review of the Airport Authority Act

Proposed organisational restructure (2006-07)

Introduction of new skills and practices

Review of assets

Review of operating costs

Project Services:

Assist the SAA with the selection and implementation of a computer based system for airport assets management

Provide advisory support to SAA in the following areas: implementation and updating of business and corporate plans, rationalization of minor airport infrastructure; operational safety investments; achievement of financial targets and monitoring of assets maintenance

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