Rural Water Supply Consolidation Project

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Consolidation Project

Samoa Water Authority


North-East Upolu & South-West Savai’i, Samoa

Funded By:

European Union, 9th EDF

Project Period:

December 2004 – February 2007

Project Description:

The objective of this project is to improve the quality of public health by consolidating the impact and sustainability of benefits from the new, improved water supply infrastructure in NW Upolu and SE SavaI’i. Expected results include: delivery of treated metered water to rural villagers, increased income and improved financial viability of the Samoa Water Authority, development of water-wise community, and an assessment of sanitation and wastewater needs in the project areas Activities include investigation, design and implementation of sub-mains and household connections, leak detection and remedial measures, community outreach programmes and household surveys.

Project Services:

Project management and co-ordination

Contract supervision and management

Integration of project components

Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Liaise with all the stakeholders involved in the project implementation.

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