Regional technical assistance for improvement of infrastructure services delivery

Regional technical assistance for improvement of infrastructure services delivery

Asian Development Bank


13 Countries in the Pacific

Funded By:

Asian Development Bank

Project Period:

2005 – 2006

Project Description:

This Regional Technical Assistance (RETA) addresses the need to get the infrastructure sectors in the Pacific Developing Member Countries (PDMCs) moving to ensure that the delivery of services from assets is commensurate with the considerable sums that have been invested in them, and to see that infrastructure in practice fills its strategic role in creating jobs, helping the region to compete on equal terms with the rest of the world, and advancing social welfare and human capacity.

For improving services such as transportation, telecommunications, good water supply, and electricity is ultimately about building human capacity: people who have these services are able to contribute much more to their societies than people who do not have them.

Project Services:

A participatory approach was undertaken for this project to ensure the involvement of multiple stakeholders.  The team was jointly responsible for integrated inputs and outputs such as:

A comprehensive review of infrastructure delivery issues and opportunities and diagnostic analysis of service delivery

A Feasibility study for a Regional Advisory Service

A Strategy and Action Plan for Improving the Provision of Infrastructure Services

These activities were undertaken utilising the following methods:

A review of relevant reports and studies

Consultations with regional governments, regional utilities, private sector, regional organizations, community members, and other stakeholders

Review and describe issues in urban and rural areas, including linkages between them

Estimate the costs, and potential sources of sustainable funding for the proposed service

Assess the economic viability of the proposed service

Identify a country for a pilot country-specific strategy and action plan for improving the delivery of infrastructure services

Prepare a detailed proposed strategy and action plan for the improvement of infrastructure services in the region

Organize and facilitate workshops

Prepare technical reports and documentation for the project

Event Coordination

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