Pacific Water Conference & Expo 2016 & 2nd PWWA Ministerial Forum

9th Pacific Water Conference & Expo 2016 & 2nd PWWA Ministerial Forum

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Nukualofa, Tonga

Funded By:

Asian Development Bank, PWWA, Tonga Water Board

Project Period:

9th-12th August 2016

Project Description:

The 9th Pacific Water Conference and Expo was hosted by the Pacific Water and Wastes Association in partnership with our hosts from Tonga Water Board, Tonga.  The Pacific Water Conference 2016 aligned its theme “Our Water, Our People” to the United Nation’s Official 2016 theme “Water and Jobs”.

Our objective as PWWA Secretariat – Organise a Conference that provides a uniquely Pacific platform for all water sector bodies and industry partners to meet and discuss how water can be improved in the Pacific and transform societies and economies.


Project Services:

Event Coordination

Sponsorship & Marketing

Accommodation & Flight bookings

Sourcing of Speakers

Program Delivery and organization

Participant co-ordination

Report writing;

Financial Accounting;


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