Pacific Programme for Water Governance

Pacific Programme for Water Governance



Solomon Islands

Funded By:

European Union

Project Period:

2005 – 2006

Project Description:

The overall objective of the Programme for Water Governance is to mainstream the principles of good water governance into day-to-day applications through pilot projects so as to assist in achieving sustainable water resource management and provision of water services within selected Pacific countries.

The goal of the Pacific component is to promote the application of effective water governance in institutions, systems, structures and processes in 3 countries in the Pacific.

Project Services:

Identify, implement and monitor projects pilot projects

Assist SOPAC in the adoption of a programme rationale and establishment of selection criteria for IWRM/governance issues in the country

Review of existing water governance situation and develop regional and country awareness on water governance issues.

Establish regional and national co-coordinating mechanisms

Projects review (lessons learned and successful projects recommended for replication)

Event Coordination.

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