IWS Design Review

IWS Design Review

Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development (MWCSD)


Lele’a, Maasina, Lona and Nuusuatia

Funded By:

MWCSD, Samoa

Project Period:

June 2014

Project Description:

Conduct a design review for all detailed design for the 4 schemes before construction. All detailed designs were finalized in 2012 by Bulebarn consulting limited,2012 and the construction works commenced 2014-2015. KEW Consult Limited was appointed by the ministry to conduct an evaluation and detailed review on the design to confirm all locations and evelations for all components of the project.

Project Services:

Confirm all locations for pipelines, intakes, storages tanks, BPT.

Confirm elevations and levels for all pipelines

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