Independent Water Schemes Upgrade – Maasina (IWS4)

Independent Water Schemes Upgrade – Maasina (IWS4)


Government of Samoa through the Ministry of Women’s, committee, society and Development(MWCSD), Independent water schemes association.


Samoa – Maasina

Funded By:

MWCSD, Samoa.

Associated Firm(s):


Project Period:

7 months

Project Description:

Falling under the IWSA project banner, the scope of this project is the supervision of the construction of water scheme storage tanks & sedimentation tanks, River intakes, spring intakes, the construction of associated transmission and distribution mains, household connections and the construction of access roads to the village

Project Services:

Project Management and Supervision

Supervise and Advise on all network construction

Program/Project Monitoring & Evaluation

Supervise and Advise on all civil work construction

Writing of Progress Reports

Manage and Ensure technical quality of all works

Construction Supervision.

Up skilling and Training of local water community

Community Liaison

Approval and checking of contractor claims

Advice on design and contract variations

Daily on-site supervision of works

Reporting on contractor overall work performance

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