Independent Water Scheme Upgrade for Lalomauga Water Supply

Independent Water Scheme Upgrade for Lalomauga Water Supply

Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development / Independent Water Scheme Association / Lalomauga village


North East Upolu, Samoa

Project Period:

November 2010-September 2012

Project Description:

Design and supervision services for the village Lalomauga.  Provision of conceptual and detail designs for the Falevao independent water supply scheme.  Key components of the water supply system to be upgraded included spring intakes, storage tanks and the installation/construction of 3.5km polyethylene pipe including household connections.

Project Services:

Preparation of the detail Design &  hydraulic modeling for the entire system, Construction Supervision of 3.5 km of pipelines ranging from sizes DN15 to DN150, uPVC and PE type including house connections and also rehabilitation of 2 storage tanks and three new water intakes and filtration.  The scheme will accommodate water supply needs to some 400 people of the village of Lalomauga, North East of Upolu Island, Samoa. The project was a joint effort of the Independent Water Scheme Association and the Lalomauga village water committee but all under the overall project management of the Ministry of Women, Community & Social Development. The key project deliverables included

Preparation of Design, Drawings, Specifications and Bill of Quantities

Project Management

Monitoring & Evaluation

Construction Supervision

Certification of contractor claims

Community awareness programs

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