Economic use of customary land project

Economic use of customary land project

Government of Samoa



Funded By:

Asian Development Bank; Government of Japan

Project Period:

2006 – 2008

Associated Firm:

FINCON (Pakistan)

Project Description:

The intended impact of the TA is to increase levels of economic activity (investment and production) on customary land. The outcome of the TA will be to increase the efficiency and effectiveness with which landowners and investors (domestic and foreign) implement agreements to utilize customary land for economic purposes.

The specific TA outputs will be:

Amendments to the Alienation of Customary Land Act 1965 to further promote appropriate economic use of customary land

Streamlined administrative processes for entering into leases on customary land;

Public information materials disseminated, and public education processes conducted, on key issues and processes for landowners and potential investors

Improved registration, mapping, and availability of information on customary land titles and boundaries

Based on findings from the above activities, implementation of a review of institutional arrangements for appropriate Government involvement in matters related to economic use of customary land.

Project Services:

Support a review of institutional arrangements

Support the Government reorganization process arising from the review

Recommend and deliver a program of targeted training and other capacity development activities to address new functions and roles under the reorganization

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