Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage Master Plan – Apia

Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage Master Plan – Apia

Government of Samoa


Apia, Samoa

Funded By:

Asian Development Bank

Project Period:

2010 – June 2011

Associated Firm:

Kellogg Brown and Root Pty Ltd. (KBR), Australia

Project Description:

The project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) will prepare a national sanitation master plan addressing the policies, standards, and guidelines for the development of sustainable wastewater systems throughout Samoa, and an integrated, costed, and prioritized water supply, sanitation, and drainage master plan for the greater Apia area.  An investment project will be developed under the PPTA.  Delivery of the investment project is envisaged to be through a sector approach with core and candidate subprojects from components identified in the integrated water supply, sanitation, and drainage master plan for Apia.

Project Services:

In collaboration with the international consultants from KBR, KEW Consult Ltd assisted in the:

Development of an inception report;

Research of previous projects and collating lessons learned;

Undertaking a stakeholder analysis;

Preparing a consultation and participation plan;

Reviewing existing documents;

Consultation with key stakeholders;

Preparation of a fully-costed and prioritized integrated water supply, sanitation and drainage master plan;

Policy formulation;

Drafting of a land use plan;

Assessing levels of water service to the residents of Apia;

Assessing the daily water supply demands in Apia;

Analysis of the adequacy and condition of the current network;

Gauging options for treatment of water subsystems;

Assessing Apia’s sewerage treatment facilities and collection networks;

Assessing the existing policies, institutional arrangements, and financing mechanisms for operation and maintenance of water supply systems;

Analysis of the performance of current drainage in Apia;

Assessing the existing institutional and legal arrangements;

Government policies and guidelines were reviewed;

Social surveys and analysis were undertaken as a part of the resettlement and social analysis;

Environmental impact assessment was prepared in accordance with ADB’s policies and guidelines.

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